Tesaro - Regional Access Manager - Catalonia

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Posición ubicada en Barcelona

Maintain professional relations with key regional Catalan delegates in Health Authorities and other Public Administrations in these assigned Autonomous Communities. This will be with the objective of guaranteeing product market access cross therapy area and sales according to company strategy.

Develop and implement an engagement plan with key stakeholders and decision makers

Give support to the marketing and sales division (pre-marketing, product launch, etc.) to reach sales objectives in assigned geographic areas.

1.      Implement the market access strategy in the assigned geographic area.
-          Identify and maintain an appropriate professional relationship with key regional health administration people to enable introduction of company products to the market and their development to reach patients.
-          Foresee, identify and channel possible required health administration measures regarding medicine prescription, distribution and financing for the impact and consequences these may have on company products.
-          Participate in preparing bibliographic files for the most positive evaluation possible of company products by regional evaluation centers.
-          Deliver compelling value propositions and access strategies relevant for the regional environment, in order to optimize access to the TESARO products for eligible patients.

2.      Establish and maintain contact with appropriate institutions that directly or indirectly influence market access decisions regarding company products.
-          Relations with pharmacy general management, autonomous community health departments, evaluation committees, medication evaluation centers and pharmaceutical schools.
-          Maintain frequent professional relations with regional members of evaluation commissions and people responsible for medication evaluation to prepare pharma-therapeutic guidelines.
-          Maintain professional relations with patient associations.  Participate and collaborate in activities associated to patients on a regional level.

3.      Work as a team with the Marketing, Sales, Medical and HQ based market access teams.
-          Collaborate with the marketing and sales departments in preparing different product line strategies for different autonomous communities.
-          Communicate incidences related to claims and suspicious communication about adverse events detected by clients regarding company products to the pharmacovigilance department.
-          Collaboration with the HQ based market access team in the development of regional market access strategy

4.      Safeguard compliance of current norms and the Pharmaceutical Industry Deontological Code that regulates medication promotion.
-          Adopt medication promotions that comply with the Spanish Code of Good Practices for the Promotion of Medicines and Interaction of the Pharmaceutical Industry with Healthcare Professionals and Patient Associations.
5.      Keep up to date on knowledge of health and pharmaceutical legislation, medical visits, prescription policy, medication distribution and financing, clinical studies and post-sales studies.

-   Minimum of 5 years experience in Catalonian the Market Access department in the pharmaceutical industry or experience in Health Administration with responsibility for medication and health product market access.
-        Experience negotiating conditions for medication market access, prescription, distribution and financing with public administrations.
-         Experience introducing hospital products.
-         Extensive knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry.
-         Extensive knowledge of the Political environment.
-     Knowledge of national and European legislation regarding registration and sales of medicines.
-          Pharmacoeconomic knowledge.
-          Knowledge of the structure and role of health authorities on a central and autonomous  level.
-          High-level knowledge of the pharmaceutical product distribution channel.

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