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    Define Value Propositions by consolidating Core Value Dossiers, stakeholder needs, local environment and Brand priorities by adapting technical data into simple compelling messages in the format required and appropriate for local stakeholders.
    Participate in the definition of the P&R strategy at national level, including the design of pricing scenarios, development and/or adaptation of cost-effectiveness and budget impact models for the mentioned purpose.

    Participate in the definition of regional and account level pricing scenarios/agreements to ensure market access
    Play an active part within brand teams and identify opportunities to work collaboratively with cross-functional colleagues to deliver on brand objectives  and provide training of analysis, tools, evidence, actions and programmes to support and communicate the value propositions

    Generate pharmacoeconomic evidence needed to demonstrate the value of the brands and support the market access process

    Monitor changes and competitive situation in the environment in order to anticipate risks and opportunities for Market access
    Prioritise  and implement market access activities together with Market Access Director

    Understand stakeholder needs and requirements for demonstrating value

    Liaise with AREA to identify further requirements for value propositions development and provide strategic contribution to the NNLRP process
    Provide input to global HEOR about needs of the affiliate in health economics
    Provide input to the medical department, for the inclusion of local HEOR endpoints into medical studies
    Lead and support manuscript generation


    Ability to develop & interpret scientific and pharmaco-economic data to assess its relevance to stakeholders and build into value messages.
    Ability to analyse complex models and scientific data and draw out key messages.
    Ability to think strategically to understand how to position a value-story in the context of brand and affiliate strategy.
    Ability to effectively interface with customers in order to deliver value messages and gather insights.
    Ability to lead/manage cross-functional projects in order to develop value propositions.
    Ability to communicate effectively, in order to facilitate internal information sharing and brand team working.
    Ability to collaborate with other MA functions and brand teams to collect and share insights to support the development of value proposition.


    Knowledge of Spanish market mechanics, healthcare policy and funding pathways.
    Knowledge of payer mindset and motivations in Spain.
    Knowledge of pharmacoeconomic principles.
    Knowledge of established cost-containment measures used to manage pharmaceutical expenditure in Spain.
    Knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing principles


    5 years working in pharmaceutical industry or within healthcare payer/provider or academic institution.
    Preferred: 2 years of specific market access experience.

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